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ASP.Net Training in Chennai

Login provides the best coaching with real-time projects and hands on experience in Asp.net training in Chennai and it is used to develop a web application, web services, and dynamic websites. This ASP.Net language is built by using the common languages like C# and VB.Net (visual basic). It is considered as one of the important tools among the IT developers and it has raised demand in the field of web designing. This ASP.Net is the evolution of classic ASP where the debugging and scripted codes are difficult to write and maintain for large applications while in ASP.Net it has complied code and are easy to write and maintain favoring the developers. Web application development on this platform is more secure and you need a license to use it.

Necessity of ASP.Net

This ASP.Net is much preferred for small scale business and also for large scale business where people will seek for the software tool that should be reliable and time conserving thus this ASP.Net is the best in providing it. .Net erases the boundaries between applications and the Internet. Instead of interacting with an application or a single Web site. .NET will connect the user to an array of computers and services that will exchange and combine objects and data. The software will be rented as a hosted service over the Internet instead of purchased on a store shelf. Essentially, the Internet will be housing all your applications and data. Users will have access to their information on the Internet from any device, anytime, anywhere. There will be new ways to interact with application data, such as speech and handwriting recognition.

Training of ASP.Net in Login

If you are about to seek a career through ASP.Net then get availed through our service in Login at Chennai for the best ASP.Net training. We help you in developing web applications by providing the best training in C# and visual basic.Net through expert’s tutorials. We also design the syllabus content as per the student requirement and strategy. Our trainers are real time working experts in corporates who help you in getting hold with the developing technologies. Also, we provide best lab facilities, comprehensive course coverage, software tools, study materials, excellent infrastructure and placement guidance. ASP.Net is one among the developed technical platform and if you are about to find a job that has profitable hike then this training is must for you. Contact Login for hiring the best ASP.Net training in Chennai.

ASP.NET Language Syllabus:

ASP.NET Overview
  • ASP .Net and its use
  • Internet Information Server
  • Namespaces
  • .Net Framework Classes
Web Forms And Control
  • Web control Class
  • Creating Web Form Application
  • Handling images
  • Navigation between pages
  • Managing Server Controls
  • Server control events
  • HTML and Data Controls
  • Validation Control
Master Pages & Themes
  • Simple Master Page
  • Nested Master Page
  • Configuring Master Page
  • Creating and Applying Themes
  • Applying style sheet
Web Services
  • XML Web Services
  • Creating Web services & Setting Web Service Attribute
  • Execution of Web service created
  • Web Service in Client and Server end
Uploading Files
  • Using File Upload Control
  • Setting the location and file name
  • Uploading the file
  • Defining the type and size of file
Security membership and roles
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Impersonation
  • Code Access security
  • Deploying Web application
  • Deploying Windows application
  • Deploying website
  • Publishing website
Windows Communication Foundation(WCF)
  • WCF Configuration
  • Hosting WCF Services in Windows Services
  • Hosting WCF Services in IIS
  • Building REST services with WCF
  • Overview of ADO .NET
  • Connection and Command Object
  • Data Readers
  • Connecting to Database using Data Adaptor
  • Data Binding, Filtering and Sorting

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