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login conducts group discussion for our trainnes to face their interviews without any fear. our Group Discussion practise session gives u an clear idea& confidence to face their group discussion sessions in their interviews.

A discussion group is a group of individuals with similar interest who gather either formally or informally to bring up ideas, solve problems or give comments. The major approaches are in person, via conference call or website. People respond comments and post forum in established mailing list, news group or IRC.

Group discussions are a very important aspect of group communication. Group discussions are a creative and dynamic activity which stimulates reflective thinking among the members. Group discussions may be defined as an activity in which a small number of persons meet face to face and exchange and share ideas freely or attempt to reach a decision on a common issue.

Group discussions are unstructured and less formal compared to meetings or conferences wherein specific roles are assigned to the participants. In a group discussion, an individual’s thought process is influenced by the views and opinions of the other members. It also depends on where and in which direction the mood of the discussion moves. In a group discussion, each participant is free to speak his views. A successful discussion involves both listening and speaking.

Purpose of Group Discussions

Group discussions may serve various purposes. Some of them are:
  • To reach a solution on an issue of concern
  • To generate new ideas or new approaches to solving a problem
  • For selecting candidates after the written test for employment or for admission to educational institutes
  • To provide us with an avenue to train ourselves in various interpersonal skills

Advantages of Group Discussions

The advantages of group discussions are as follows:
  • It provides a deeper understanding of the subject.
  • It improves the ability to think critically.
  • It provides different approaches to solving a problem
  • It helps the group in taking a decision.
  • It gives an opportunity to hear the opinions of other persons.
  • It enables a participant to put across his/her viewpoint.
  • It enhances confidence in speaking.
  • It can change your opinion and show you things from a different perspective.

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