MATLAB Training in Chennai

MATLAB is a high-performance language used in technical computing. It is not just a programming language but a programming environment as well. MATLAB uses mathematical notations to express solutions to problems. MATLABis used in

  • 1. Math and computation
  • 2. Algorithm development
  • 3. Modeling, simulation, and prototyping
  • 4. Data analysis, exploration, and visualization.
  • 5. Scientific and engineering graphics.
  • 6. Application development, including Graphical User Interface building.

Advantages of MATLAB

  • 1. MATLAB's basic data type is an array. Unlike C it deos not require dimensioning. So it is faster to compute cross-products, dot-products, determinants, inverse matrices,DFT,FFT using MATLAB when compared to C
  • 2. Adding two arrays together needs only one command, instead of a for or while loop.
  • 3. It is easier to plot data using MATLAB'S interasctive graphic interface
  • 4. Matlab’s functionality can be enhanced by the addition of toolboxes. One such toolbox, Simulink, adds graphical multi-domain simulation and model-based design for dynamic and embedded systems.

As of 2017, MATLAB is estimated to have over 2 million users across industry and academia.

Why login

At Login, we focus on learning through practical sessions and provide individual attention to every student. Classes can be scheduled as per student's convininece. Our trainers have realtime experience with MATLAB. MATLAB is an essential skill to add to your resume. It is widely used in modelling in aerospace,automobile and control system domains. Our training will help you to approach technical interviews with confidence.

MATLAB Syllabus:

  • MATLAB - History & Introduction
  • MATLAB Software Working Environment
  • MATLAB Input Entry & Executing Commands & Methods
  • Matrices
  • Polynomials
  • Solving Equation
  • MATLAB Graphics 2D
  • MATLAB Graphics 3D
  • Basic Control Systems
  • DSP Introduction
  • Sampling Theorem & Aliasing Effect
  • DIP Introduction
  • Operators
  • Image Compression
  • Segmentation
  • Simulink
  • GUI – Graphical User Interface
  • Interfacing Arduino with MATLAB Simulink

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