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Login provides you an industry ready training for QTP in Chennai at Velachery. QTP stands for Quick Test Professional, a product of Hewlett Packard (HP). This HP Quick Test Professional was originally owned by Mercury Interactive and it was acquired by HP. This tool helps testers to perform an automated functional testing seamlessly, without monitoring once script development is complete.

Our Software Institute in Chennai, enhance your learning in different layers of QTP like QTP testing Process, Object Repository, Conditional & looping Statement, Frameworks in QTP, Scripting in QTP, Batch Testing, QTP real time project and HP Quick Test Professional placement training.

Overview of QTP Testing

QTP is an automation testing tool, which is suited for both functional and regression testing of the applications. QTP is a licensed/commercial tool owned by HP, which is one of the most popular tools available in the market. It compares both actual and the expected result and reports the results in the execution summary.

HP QTP uses Visual Basic Scripting (VBScript) for automating the applications. The Scripting Engine need not be installed exclusively, as it is available as a part of the Windows OS. VBScript is NOT an object-oriented language but an object-based language. Professionals use this QTP to manipulate and control the application under test.

Our QTP Training Institute in Chennai

Apart from all these overviews of QTP testing, our QTP training in Chennai helps you exceed in providing the best support and guidance through your certification course by our working professionals in corporate. Our training session will be fully practical oriented rather than theory materials. You can experience the joy of learning in our sophisticated environment through hands on experience and real-time projects with better understanding.

We assure you that you will gain a rich knowledge and high-quality learning service from Login at the end of your course along excellent placement guidance solutions.

Feel free to contact us and talk to our corporate experts for any queries and join our QTP training in Chennai to excel your career.

QTP Course Syllabus:

  • Introduction to QTP & ADD - Ins
  • First Look Flight Reservation Application
  • How to use QTP IDE
  • Object Identification
  • Understanding Expert View
  • Understanding Recorded Script
  • Replay | Run Settings
  • Test Results for QTP
  • Parametrization
  • Checkpoints - Standard CheckPoints
  • OutPut Values
  • If & Else Loop
  • Reporter.Report Event | Results Formatting
  • Actions
  • Object Property Modification
  • Ordinal Identifiers
  • Local Object Repository
  • Develop Script in EXPERT View
  • Recording Modes in QTP
  • User Defined Functions
  • Transactions
  • Recovery Scenarios
  • Optional Step
  • GetROProperty | Object Spy
  • Descriptive Programming
  • Test Automation Frameworks
  • Creating Automation Frameworks with QTP
  • Definite Guide to QTP Certification
  • Business Process Testing(BPT)
  • Using Excel with QTP
  • Mobile Testing with QTP
  • Mobile Testing with QTP
  • API Testing with QTP
  • Mock Interviews.

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