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Selenium Training Program in Chennai

Login provides you the best Selenium training program in Chennai to people who are interested in the web automation filed. This selenium testing is the trend setter in the IT field since it includes the concept of Java, PHP, python etc. It deals with the software tools like Selenium Web driver, IDE, Remote Control (RC) etc. which supports on various OS platforms. Our selenium training session will be starting from the fundamentals in Java and other programming languages for clear understanding to beginners as well as the industry people.

Why login for Selenium training?

Our Chennai based Institute provides training in a sophisticated manner with excellent syllabus and hand on tools to guide them get a perspective view in automation. Here, training sessions are completely real-time oriented and interactive for better understanding. The prime thing about our coaching is, it is handled by working professionals i.e. the course design is been done by them based on the student’s strategy in this automation field. Generally, the course progress for students will be proceeding from introduction stage to the advanced stage.

Training Service in Login Chennai

To get concentrated on each trainee in our institute we admit only a few members in each batch to involve them practically and interactively in their sessions. We believe that practical examples will make students to understand the real life experiences and help them to lead well in their career. Also, we report student’s progress each month by conducting mock interviews and then give training according to their strategy.

Our guiding will be mainly focused on providing hand on experience training till the end of your certification and our trainers help you to write more and more programs which will improve your programming and debug skills and helps you to test web applications easily at the end.

Selenium Course Syllabus:

Introduction to selenium
  • Overview of STLC
  • Introduction on Automation Testing
  • ATLC (Automation Testing Life Cycle)
  • What are the tools available for automation?
  • What to Automate and What not to Automate?
  • QTP vs Selenium
  • Introduction to Selenium and its Components
  • Selenium with Java (Why we chosen Java as a most preferred Language)
Selenium Environment Setup
  • Java JDK Download and Installation
  • Eclipse IDE Installation and configuration
  • Selenium-Java Jars download
  • Brush up basic java concepts
Java OOPS Concept for Selenium WebDriver
  • Classes, objects in Java
  • Variables and Method calling In Java
  • Data types
  • Strings in Java
  • Looping Concepts
  • Decision Making Statements
  • Jump Statements
  • Arrays and Collection Framework
  • Inheritance Concepts
  • Interface Concepts
  • Runtime Polymorphism
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Constructor
Selenium WebDriver
  • Introduction to Selenium RC (Selenium 1)
  • Introduction to Selenium WebDriver (Selenium 2 and Selenium 3) – Latest Version
  • Selenium Jars Configuration
  • How to run tests in Firefox?
  • How to run tests in Chrome?
  • How to run tests in Internet Explorer?
  • Firebug and Fire path Download
  • How to identify webelement?
  • Locator Techniques – ID, Name, Link Text, Partial Link Text, Tag Name, Class Name
  • Advanced Locator Techniques – Customized CSS Selector and XPath
  • Hands-on : Locator Identification
Handling Different Web Elements
  • How to handle Textbox and Button?
  • How to handle Checkbox?
  • How to handle Radio Button?
  • How to handle Static Dropdown?
  • How to handle Dynamic Dropdown?
  • WebDriver Scope Limitation
  • Web Elements Validation
  • How to handle popup?
  • How to handle Mouse interactions?
  • How to handle Keyboard Actions?
  • How to handle Multiple Window?
  • How to handle IFrames?
  • Wait Commands
  • How to take Screenshots in Selenium?
Framework TestNG
  • Introduction on TestNG
  • TestNG Installation
  • TestNG Annotations
  • Prioritizing the tests using TestNG
  • Enabling and Disabling the test cases
  • Group Test
  • Data Provider – Parameterized test
  • How to run TestNG xml file (Test Suite File)?
Hybrid Framework
  • Types of Process Framework
  • Hybrid Framework 1 - Data Driven and Page Object Framework
  • Hybrid Framework 2 - Data Driven and Keyword Driven Framework
Maven Build Tool
  • What is Build Management Tool?
  • How to add dependencies into our project?
  • Understanding of pom.xml
  • How to run Maven Test?
Jenkins – CI Server
  • Installing and Configuring Jenkins
  • How to configure Email Notification Setting in Jenkins?
  • Creating Jenkins project and integrate existing framework
  • Scheduling the Test and Console Output

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