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Struts Training in Chennai

Login Institute is a pioneer in providing the best Struts framework training in Chennai at Velachery with most affordable price. Struts is a new and emerging open source Java framework which enables us to develop Java EE web applications. Struts are one of the flexible and trending Java web applications. It is an extension of Java servlet API with MVC (model view controller) architecture and also it is suitable for developing complex Applications using the Concepts like Java filters, JavaBeans, locales and struts.

Nowadays most of the companies started adopting struts just because it is an Open Source. Struts training will definitely give you an enough number of opportunities for your Career and also job change in future. Those Who Have good knowledge on Java, J2EE, and databases can easily adapt to learn Struts framework.

Training in Login For Struts

As Struts 2 is an emerging open source it has the most refined and extensible framework with a plug-in architecture and supports REST, AJAX, and JSON. It has both action and action view classes with best MVC components. This software is used to streamline the process from building to a deployment of the application. Thus our Struts Training service in Chennai will teach you the most advanced technology of struts with its inbuilt features by classes conducted by IT professionals. Our Instructors are real-time working experts so that it will be much easier for you to understand the technologies with their live examples based on their extensive project knowledge.

Our struts training scheme in Chennai will engage you in a better understanding of all the modules in the struts technology. We help you complete your course with rigorous training by providing syllabus context designed by our working corporate professionals. They enhance your training process by sharing their real-time experience and most of our training process will be based on practical sessions where you can merely understand the real-time processing of a project and assignments will be given at the day ending. Along with the expert training, we will provide software tools and hand on notes to students for their ease of learning.

Some of the key benefits of Login,

  • Certified course
  • Batch strength will be small
  • Pleasant environment with the best infrastructure
  • Assured placement guidance.

Get well trained by our Login experts in Struts training in Chennai. Feel free to contact us at any instance for course reference.

Struts Syllabus:

Introduction to Struts Framework
  • Basic MVC Architecture
  • Environment Setup of Struct
  • Architecture of Struct
  • Configuration of Struct.
  • Actions
  • Interceptors
  • Result Types
  • Value Stack/OGNL
  • File Uploads
  • Database Access
  • Sending Email
  • Validations
  • Localization
  • Type Conversion
  • Themes/Templates
  • Exception Handling
  • Annotations
Introduction to Struts Framework
  • Control Tags
  • Data Tags
  • Form Tags
  • Ajax Tags
Overview of Struts Integrations
  • Struct with Spring
  • Strut with Tiles
  • Struts With Hibernate
  • Struts Quick Guide
  • Struts Useful Resourcesn

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